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I had the pleasure of a conversation with Anand Thaker of Neo Marketing.  Anand’s background is in the energy space. His first interest of development eventually turned to marketing – from web site development and email then search and then being able to automate those efforts and integrate them into sales and marketing efforts.  His goal is to help companies do this more efficiently and to help sales teams leverage these marketing technology ideas.

Neo MarketingAfter the energy company he worked for was sold, he got a job at  Silverpop and helped them to pull together their different channels.  At the time they had an email system, bought Vtrenz and brought them together.

Anand saw a gap however between the tools being bought and user utilization.  It seemed that, in the industry, many people were buying marketing automation systems and then using it just for email marketing even though they are capable of so much more.  Email marketing has only one core function and marketing automation was (is) still not being utilized to it’s full potential.

Anand explained, “There are so many ways to leverage MA tools in marketing and to use it to be more relevant and to gain more insight than ever before. Seeing this gap, he decided to move into marketing automation consulting.

He has a concept he calls the “Golden Funnel” (TM) The idea is to ask “How do you empower your customers to talk about your product and then tell others about it”?  The Golden Funnel (TM – Anand Thaker) is something Apple does the better than anyone.

Neo Marketing Solutions offers several services including, Marketing Operations Consulting and Demand Generation with a focus on B2B.  Their target market is businesses in the range of $5M to $250M in revenue. According to Anand, they have about forty consulting clients and are growing rapidly. Their website is located at:

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