Hubspot Exec Spins Out Youspot

The company is planning to offer digital marketing services to small businesses.

YouspotThings are proceeding rather swiftly for YouSpot, one of the newest digital marketing startups in town.

Earlier this month, executives at HubSpot, a Cambridge firm that helps mid-sized companies market through search and social media, were talking about the possibility of developing a new product to target small businesses.

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Editor’s Note:
I’ll be watching this company closely, since I consider Hubspot to be the trendsetter to watch when it comes to content marketing. There are a few companies out there that are really leading the space when it comes to this technique. These are companies that are worth watching and emulating. I think the author of this article is right in that Hubspot is a bit rich for the smaller entrepreneur and business owners. So Youspot should be a lot of fun to watch and learn from. I’ve been looking myself for the serious player that targets small businesses. It’s been pretty difficult to find an all-in-one player that is attractive. Maybe this’ll be it!

I’ve gone to their site after reading this article and at this point, it’s still vaporware. It’s funny how one thing leads to another. Their site is a “Launchrock” site ( It’s a pretty smart idea; they have a highly optimized web page builder that helps you to start building an email interest list. Pretty cool little tool and because they are in somewhat beta, it’s free.

Anyway, I’m on YouSpot’s email list now. I can’t wait to see where they go first.

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