Multivariate Testing 101

A Scientific Method Of Optimizing Design

Multivariate Testing 101I just read an article about Multivariate testing that I think does the best job I’ve ever seen in explaining the idea in laymen’s terms. Written by Paras Chopra, who is behind the Visual Website Optimizer. We’ve just added his site to The Lists under Testing Tools. I hope you enjoy the article. I love when people can make complex ideas simple to understand…

In a multivariate test, a Web page is treated as a combination of elements (including headlines, images, buttons and text) that affect the conversion rate. Essentially, you decompose a Web page into distinct units and create variations of those units. For example, if your page is composed of a headline, an image and accompanying text, then you would create variations for each of them. To illustrate the example, let’s assume you make the following variations:

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