SAS Marketing Automation Software

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SAS ® offers a campaign management system called the SAS Marketing Automation system. We invite anyone from SAS or that has used to software to write articles or comment on the product.

We’ve looked at their site here:

SAS Marketing Automation Software

The company claims that you can easily create marketing campaigns, coordinate campaign activities across the enterprise, improve marketing performance, and lower total cost of ownership. This is supposed to be done by the ability to segment customers, plan, execute, and manage campaigns. They state you can measure the results and use advanced analytics and they offer on-prenise deployment.

Our Impression on the Marketing Automation Software from SAS…

My impression is that this will be an expensive marketing automation solution and not conducive for small businesses. I couldn’t find pricing anywhere on the site but the site offers an 800 number on each page.

This marketing automation software may be very good for large enterprises since it seems designed to work across large and diverse organizations but I think the average small business will find it expensive and unwieldy.

Again, we invite anyone from SAS or that has used to software to comment or write an article or their own review on the product.

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