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mapping-content-to-buying-cycleU.K based Hot to Trot Marketing recently posted a great video outlining the phases that business buyers go through before making a purchase. By understanding these phases a marketing team can build a buyer profile or persona and create content appropriate for the various stages.

The stages include:

    Being Unaware
    Reviewing an Idea
    Considering an Idea
    Evaluating Products / Solutions

And the appropriate types of content for each stage are outlined as follows:

    Being Unaware – Press Articles, Social Media, Peer Meetings
    Reviewing an Idea – White Papers, Strategy Guides, & Business Briefings
    Considering an Idea – Customer Stories, Trade Press, Events
    Evaluating Products / Solutions – Sales Brochures, Data Sheets, & Case Studies
    Buying – Data Sheets, Pricing, Terms & Conditions

Here is their video…

The key is to consider these stages along with your buyer persona beforehand. You can then begin to implement true, time-saving, marketing automation strategies.

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