Lead Nurturing vs Drip Email Marketing Campaigns

Not Getting Any? Check Your Drip. Marketing.

A guy walks into a bar. He spots his quarry. Comes groovin’ up slowly. He pulls out his best line and in a dark brown voice says to her (or him, whatever you’re into)… “Come here often”?


In real life what he says next is going to depend on how he/she reacts to the question. But this isn’t real life. This is Marketing. And our lascivious lothario is using the new hammer being hawked to him by every marketing software dealer on the block: Drip Email Marketing.

“Drip marketing is way cool!” they tell you. “It’s automated man, all you have to do is push this button”. And so it is.

Drip marketing is named after the infamous Automatic Drip Coffee Maker. No matter what you do it just keeps dripping regularly (like certain parts of our friend from the bar if doesn’t stay away from Lola). All you can do is turn it on and off.

Read the article… | Source: Net Results | Date posted: 6/21/2012

Editor’s Note: In this article, Michael Ward of Net-Results makes a great analogy of the difference between thoughtless “drip campaigns” and real “lead nurturing”. The article reminded me of the early days of my sales training career. I trained field salespeople for years and constantly had to remind them that selling is “give and take”. When qualifying prospects, many new salespeople would just begin asking question after question, never giving back a little information about themselves in the process. This isn’t qualification, it’s interrogation and it turns prospects off. Preset email drip campaigns are no better than spam; in fact they often are spam; and the worst kind. This article discusses how NOT to do that and offers good advice on how to manage a nurturing process correctly.

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