Pardot Releases Interesting Content Marketing Infographic

Pardot released a fun infographic today, called the Content Marketing Mix, depicting the types of content appropriate for various stages of prospect awareness and purchasing. I always like infographics like this just for how they help to itemize and visualize sometimes obscure tactics and strategies.

The infographic correctly points out that nurturing a lead to a sales ready state is a complex process. I disagreed with one observation from the graphic however. It suggests that pricing is information at the very latest buying stage. For smaller businesses, one of the first things many of them do is check prices to see if a product is even in their range at all. Price is an early-phase disqualifier when a prospect is in control and all marketing automation providers today agree that clients are more in control than ever.

That would be my only complaint about the infographic. My view is that certain types of content belong in more than one place along the buying and nurturing plane. Otherwise, this is a great visual tool for planners in the marketing automation process. Thanks Pardot.

The Content Marketing Mix [INFOGRAPHIC] - Pardot Infographic

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